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Some Information About The Offer

The Hook and Content: According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the rate of obesity among Asian Americans is the lowest among all ethnic groups in the US. Asians are considered the slimmest people in the world. Many people are curious how Asian people can maintain their fit and slim body. This book will show them exactly how to do so.

The author of this book is Analee Bandalan ( Anna Sofia is her pen name). Anna is a food scientist who studied her Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Food Science and Technology at a State University in the Philippines. The salesletter and the book are based on her true story (Yes! We say this with pride and we're proud of delivering a true and authentic story) of how she transformed her body by understanding the difference between Asian and Western diet and applying her research.

Niche Market: Fitness, Training, Diet & Weight Loss, and Health in general. This offer also works for self-help and other niches too.

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