Are you frustrated with diets because none of them work?

Here's How A 36-Year Old Busy Out Of Shape Woman Mysteriously Lost 52 lbs And Dropped 5 Dress Sizes Without Starving Herself Using The Secret Of The World’s Skinniest Nations...

Asian Diet Before and After

Melt Off Unwanted Pounds, Lose Your Love Handles And Get The Toned Body That You’ve Always Wanted So You Can Feel Confident And Better About Yourself...

Dear Friend,

I'm Anna, and I have a very fascinating story to share with you about how my unexpected trip to Australia in 2014 helped me lose over 52 lbs and dropped 5 dress sizes without starving myself using the secret of the world’s skinniest nations...

Yes! You heard me correctly, 52 lbs. and 5 dress sizes, transforming my body without any dangerous diet pills, expensive weight loss surgery, crazy diets or butt-busting workouts whatsoever...

And you'll be shocked when you discover the statistics I found during my research and the surprisingly simple method that I discovered during my trip which helped me lose all the unwanted fat to save my own life.

What really astounded me is that nobody in the diet industry is talking about this.

Now if you want to melt away 10, 20 even 50 pounds of ugly body fat as fast and natural as possible and miraculously enhance the youthful cells in your body and boost your energy level then make sure you read this page carefully until the end.

Here's why:

I’ve just finished documenting everything that I did to lose 52 pounds without starving myself. And the best thing about it is that it’s NOT a diet that you've tried before. It’s something completely different.

Asian Diet

In fact, after I failed to lose weight on three diets, I think you should never follow another fad diet. And I can’t be sure, but chances are, you’ve never tried anything like this before.

Sure, it might sound too good to be true. Just listen to my story and be the judge for yourself.

Like I mentioned before, my name is Anna.

I carry Chinese and Spanish blood, love cooking and anything to do with food.

I studied Food Science and Technology at a State University in The Philippines which led me to a career as a Training Specialist for the biggest bakery franchise in the Philippines.

Something I find interesting in my work as a trainer in that company is that my love for bread escalated. I had bread in every meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks - you name it.

...And several years ago I took a business trip that uncovered the ‘fat loss’ secrets of the skinniest countries in the world, which helped me lose 52 pounds and 10.5 inches off my waist.

You see, it all started back in my home country, the Philippines.

My job was very demanding and with the heavy workloads, I often found myself working long hours, usually up to 16 to 18 hour days, I put on a lot of weight.

52 pounds to be exact.

When the stress got high, I’d eat to calm myself down. I ate all sorts of delicious sweets like Polvorons (Spanish shortbread) and Egg pies.

I came home exhausted and had no time to cook dinner so I ate frozen meals or take away. As a result, I ballooned from 127 pounds to 180 and my dress size grew from medium to 3XL.

Sound familiar?

And I Was Miserable!

Asian Diet

I felt unattractive, unworthy and couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I stopped going out. If I was invited to something I made up excuses to stay home. I was worried what everyone would think of me.

After work I would go straight home, eat a meal and curl up in bed.

Plus, it didn’t help when my doctor told me that my painful heartburn and chronic hay fever were all due to my extra weight.

And worse of all, I looked through shop windows at malls and got upset wondering if I’d ever be able to wear beautiful clothes again.

To cheer myself up, I’d head to the bakery and eat some cheese bread or mongo bread.

The thought that I would never get to wear my old jeans or dresses made me want to cry.

Believe me, my confidence and self-esteem were rock-bottom.

That’s why I’m so happy that I’ve finally shed all that fat and transformed my body with some “little secrets” that I’m going to share with you right below. At the end of my letter, you’ll discover the tips to lose your own weight and keep it off for good.

But, it wasn’t easy at the beginning because...

No Matter What Diet I Tried, Nothing Worked!

Asian Diet

At the beginning, I lost a little weight on each diet that I tried but the weight always crept back, plus a few extra pounds.

On one strict diet, I often felt hungry at night before bed and ate cakes or ice cream to satisfy my cravings.

And on two low-carb diets, I dreamed about eating sugar all day. Not being allowed to get carbs when you worked at a bakery was torture. I felt sluggish, crabby and lacked energy.

In fact, during yet another diet, I cut my rice from two cups to one per day, and still put on weight.

And exercise? Yeah right! As a busy professional often working up to 18 hour per day at that time, I barely had energy to get off the couch after work… let alone, exercise!

Sound familiar?

And I Just Didn’t Know Who To Believe Anymore!

Some "gurus" said carbs are bad and fats are good!

Others said carbs are great and fats are bad!

Others even said to follow the cavemen diet ("But isn't the average age of death for cavemen around 25?", I thought to myself.)

I just couldn’t take it anymore!

I was confused, overwhelmed and depressed.

In fact, I was so frustrated by these stupid diets that I almost gave up.

And maybe I would have, if it wasn’t for...

...A Weird 2014 Trip To Australia That Changed Everything!

I was in shock!

In 2014 my company sent me to Brisbane, Australia for some new training.

While walking the streets of Brisbane, I noticed that SO MANY people were overweight.

Back home, people were much skinnier than here in Australia.

And If you've ever been to an Asian country, you'd know that it's hard to find overweight people.

It was like looking into my future through a crystal ball.

If I kept eating all the junk food, take away and bakery goods, I would only get more overweight.

I had forgotten my root and the delicious traditional healthy meals from back home.

In fact, after checking the statistics, I realized that 28.3% of Australian and 35.3% of Americans were obese while only 2.9% of Chinese were obese. And only 3.6% of Japanese and 4.6% of Koreans were too.

What really disturbed me was the fact that more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese.

Obesity rate between Asian and Western Countries

"How could this be?" I asked myself.

What makes a huge gap in obesity rate between Asian and Western countries?

I was so shocked by the statistics and I was on a quest to find out the answer!

And guess what? I've finally found it!

Obesity rate and trends between Asian and Western Countries

The Reason Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Indonesians Are MUCH Slimmer Than Westerners

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • How do most Asians stay slim when they have so much street foods in every city?

  • Why are the Japanese skinny when they’ve had 3000 McDonalds restaurants there since the 70’s?

  • And why are Southeast Asians like Filipinos and Japanese, who eat carb-filled rice (even during breakfast), still skinnier than Westerners?

Asian Food

You know what I'm talking about...

  • Succulent sushi...
  • Delicious tom yum soups...
  • Tasty teriyaki chicken...
  • Vietnamese's famous noodle soup - Pho...
  • and so much more delicious foods!

The words of my grandma came rolling back and it all started to make sense!

The Critical Key To Weight Loss That No One Is Talking About

The common factor between all these skinny Asian cultures was

... their DIET.

Think about it. And this had nothing to do with "poverty" because only 3.6% of the Japanese were obese - And keep this in mind, Japan is a rich and developed 1st-world nation.

Nor did it have to do with genetics because Asians that lived in the US were MORE obese than their natives that lived back in their home countries.

I also found some interesting statistics of obesity rate between racial and ethnic groups in America.

And guess what? Asian people have the lowest obesity rate and significantly lower than any other ethnic groups!

Obesity rate between racial and ethnic groups in America

I began to connect the dots and I was intrigued by what I found.

I studied...

Japanese chefs...

Korean and Indonesian nutritionist...

Vietnamese recipes...

And Chinese scientific journals...

I got serious.

Once I Went Back To My Asian Roots The Fat Just Melted Away

With a fine tooth comb, I sifted through thousands of fatty, unhealthy and yucky meals and found the rare Asian meals that shed fat and taste delicious too.

Meals from Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cultures that put you on the path to a flat belly.

By eating delicious Asian food, I was able to lose 52 pounds without starving myself.

I went from 180 pounds to 128 pounds within a few short months.

Asian Diet Before and After

To my surprise, I could still eat the foods that I loved, if I wanted.

Plus, I’ve even kept the weight off.

Now, I feel lighter, stronger, healthier and happier than ever and you can too!

I'm back to a size "small" and finally feel attractive wearing nice clothes again. (here’s me in a new outfit at the office on the right.)

Not only did my friends notice my new slender, lean body, they also compliment me on my new-found confidence and natural glow in my skin.

Also, with the secret about Asian food and diet that I discovered, you’ll see the fat just melts away.

…if you’re overweight right now, I want you to understand this:

It’s Not Your Fault...

...that you’re overweight. With so many confusing fad diets and other products that contradict themselves, it’s no wonder losing weight seems confusing.

Imagine... being able to walk down the beach in your swimsuit and feel confident about everyone looking at you.

Having the energy of your 20’s back so you can spend more time with friends, family and the kids.

Seeing your dream body staring back at you in the mirror....

All this can happen when you follow my discovery...



The Asian Diet Secret

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Discover The Delicious Asian Meals That Help Melt Away Fat And Which Ones Pack On The Pounds

WARNING: Not all Asian food is created equal!

Asian Diet

With the secrets of Asian cuisine and culture, "The Asian Diet Secret" takes you by the hand and shows you how to lose the most fat in the least amount of time.

With 10 years experience of Asian cooking, I’ve boiled down everything that you need to know to make and eat healthy yet delicious meals from Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese too.

  • No starving yourself
  • No pills
  • No supplements
  • No excessive sweaty exercise
  • No fat-burners
  • YES! still eat the foods that you love!

With The Asian Diet Secret program, you will no longer need to starve yourself, use pills, supplement or fat-burners. You don't even need to do the excessive sweaty exercises. When you apply the life-changing information in this program, you can still eat the foods that you love!

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In more detail, here’s what you’ll discover...

  • The type of Asian dish that you never have to worry eating too much of... it's an actual "all you can eat" meal. Plus the one mistake people make preparing this dish that undoes all it's power.

  • The type of Asian dish that you should eat at every meal to make you feel fuller for longer.

  • Why eating rice can help you lose weight... a PhD professor at the Children's Nutrition Research Center reveals the unknown health benefits of rice that contribute to weight loss.

  • What unusual ingredient you should put in your coffee to banish your cravings for snacks in-between meals… you'll be surprised by the great taste and feel fuller for longer. And no, it's NOT sugar or milk!

  • Should you eat or avoid fat? The myth is finally debunked in Chapter 6. And yes, the answer may surprise you.

  • Use this little “kitchen trick” on certain foods to fool your body into burning more calories while breaking them down... BONUS: it also makes you want to drink more water without trying.

  • Which nutrient you should eat more to feel full and curb cravings without starving yourself or taking appetite suppressants.

  • The single worst thing that you can put in your body that makes you fat.

  • The exact 4-step blueprint that I used to lose 52 pounds of weight in 11 months... steal my exact plan to help you lose your unwanted fat too.

  • The 5 'under-the-radar' triggers that cause you to eat too much food and how to stop them before they hit.

  • Should you count calories or not? The answer is finally revealed.

  • The shocking truth that reveals which fruits have 5 TIMES more sugar than all others. Warning: you’ve probably eaten them many times before!

  • The food that triggers your "eating" hormone and causes you to crave and eat excess food… avoid this to stop eating too much and putting on extra weight.

  • The 4 Asian dishes you should avoid when shedding off unwanted weight.

  • My favorite dishes that I personally ate during my weight loss journey (recipes and step-by-step instructions included!)

  • And much much more...

The Asian Diet Secret will not only help you achieve your dream body, but also help you gain the self-esteem and the confidence you deserve.

But I want to make sure that your body and health transformation is 100% successful and achievable.

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Each recipe is explained in step by step with pictures so you can easily follow.

Here are some of the recipes included in this book:

  • Asian Orange Glazed Chicken Recipe

  • Chicken Teriyaki & Rice Recipe

  • Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Recipe

  • Prawn Spring Roll Recipe

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    Anna Sofia

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